Hi, I'm Mikael, a graphic designer from Sofia, Bulgaria with over ten years of experience. The majority of which was spent working as a graphic designer and art director in the advertising industry and later as a user interface and experience designer. I am currently a full-time freelancer, specialising in Branding, Data Visualisation and User Interface. Below you can see a selection of projects I've worked on, as well as how could I help your brand's growth and communication.

I strive to create simple and timeless symbols, based on understanding the brand's core values and philosophy. This, in turn, lays a solid foundation for a functional identity system that could serve well not only in the present but one that could also take in the brand's organic growth and evolution, without losing any of its intended message or visual strength. 



Simplifying the complex and making it understandable at a glance, which is the case with information graphics is probably one of the most challenging design jobs there are. I'm interested in creating both data visualisations, using tools like Processing, as well as working with the more conventional journalistic style of storytelling infographics.



The interface between a human and a machine is also a similarly challenging task  of simplification. My goal is to create uncluttered and understandable user interfaces for websites and apps,  with the ultimate goal of making things effortless for the users on all their devices, by anticipating their needs and providing them with elements that are easy to access and understand.

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Selected Projects

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