Time Screen Proposals
for Sofia Subway

Currently, the subway system in Sofia city uses outdated seven-segment LED displays to notify passengers for when the next train is about to arrive. While practical and mostly functional this system is far from ideal - it's a dull experience, one that doesn't really provide any added value besides counting down minutes.

Below is a quick proof-of-concept for how I think the current system should be replaced with something more functional and pleasant for commuters, providing better navigation, delay announcements, and other relevant information.

Inspired by Spasi Sofia's initiative 

A dark background is used to enhance visual contrast at long viewing distances, especially considering that the media in use is a light-emitting display and not print; the circular minute timer would help people visualise time better and distract them while the next train arrives; FontFabric's Muller, a humanist font with specialised Bulgarian Cyrillic letters is paired with HFJ's Vitesse for numbers; all screen elements are optimally enlarged, to take as much screen-estate as possible, while at the same time visual consistency is kept between different situational uses that would naturally occur throughout the different subway stations.

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