Intelligent transport
and logistics management software

I was recently commissioned by Mapex, a leading Bulgarian geo-information company, to help them design the user interface for their new web platform Zigo, an intelligent transport and logistics management software.

The platform allows cost optimization for companies, automated real-time route planning, transport resource management, employee communication, storage and data analysis.  Zigo is a cloud solution that allows organizations not only to optimize their logistics processes but also to deliver better and cheaper services to their customers. An important company that has already introduced Zigo into their workflow is Office Express – a leader in office supplies in Bulgaria. 

More information about the platform can be found at zigo.bg

Logistician View

Zigo is split into two main use-cases. First being the web based platform in the logistics office. The head-office tracks the whole delivery fleet in real-time. Zigo provides an overview of orders' progress for the day, via the main dashboard displaying relevant statistics for the fleet as a whole.

Logisticians can then delve deeper and access a detailed view for how things are moving on the ground with real-time location data and up-to-date order lists. If a problem arises, such as an incorrect address or a missing client, logisticians can contact clients and then have the ability to notify drivers via an in-app notification, providing them with an updated route and any other relevant order information.

Driver View

The second part of Zigo's interface is being used on a tablet device inside each truck in the delivery fleet. Drivers use the platform on the go to keep track of their current, past and future deliveries; navigate the shortest possible routes thanks to Mapex's algorithms and access detailed dynamic information for each one. They also have the ability to communicate with the head-office in real-time, flagging orders as either "delivered", "recipient not found on address", "incorrect address" or "delivery refused" and receiving follow-up instructions on the fly in the form of notifications. Other features include the ability to call the logistics office, track coffee breaks and log refueling information directly through the app.